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Welcome to Al Levy's Music and Arts LFO Hotel

I hope you will enjoy the services we have to offer.

Live Music for Your Party. Houston (TEXAS that is) or surrounding areas. Anything from Piano Solo to an 18 piece Big Band. You can send email by clicking here and I'll call or write back. If you are checking in or intend to purchase or download anything please send me some email.


In this time of crisis I feel compelled to express my sympathies to relatives and friends of those who have been stricken by this terrible pandemic. My prayers go out to you and yours. Please follow the health guidelines! We will all hold hands when this is over. Most of the mp3 files on this site are complete and free for you to download.

The Starbucks Gig Christmas 2005

Dick Crockett ---------------Al ---------------------------Leroy Melinda

Music Typesetting

Anything from a leadsheet to full orchestra. All notation created with Finale. Ask for a sample page. You can read reviews of this site and what people have to say about songs they've purchased.

All midi files are original and professionaly created. Many are available in sheet music (.pdf) form.
18 Thousand Titles available for sheet music and / or midi. If it's not listed on this site, send a request.

In the "Vocalist's Warmup Room"

You will find Big Band Arrangements for vocalists. Many in the style of the original recordings. (Sinatra, Darin, Andrews Sisters...)(midi and sheet music)

Attention Singers

For just $10.00 I'll create a lead sheet (Melody, Chords and Lyrics) in YOUR KEY, Send an email with your request. Just for you! You can contact me by clicking here.

Kool Links To Friends Sites

For * Music Education go to The School House

where you will find information about Piano Lessons, Arranging Lessons, General theory and much more.

For those interested in arranging; the Johnny Warrington Series of Arranger Reference Library books.

Originally published by BVC (Bregman, Vocco and Conn) in 1948.

About This Site
It was created for FUN and perhaps a few shekles. I really enjoy the people who get involved.

By request I added a Short Bio of myself.

Just below, my first TRIO in Houston featuring Peter Trout on drums and Bill Black on bass.

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By Request - The Main Help Desk (under construction)

Our staff will explain terms such as midi, pdf, midified, cds I sell. If you have questions, you still have to send an email by clicking here.

If you are looking for piano solo or vocal / piano sheet music Sheet Music Central

Looking for fake books or instruction books? Check out the MUSIC LIBRARY

where you’ll find an index to thousands of print copies available by download or snail mail. Lead sheets, Piano Solos, Band Arrangements, and much much more!

This is a shortcut to Al's Combo Arrangements.

A FEATURED ARTIST (Stan Mark) Trumpet.

The Main Ballroom (Piano Solos by Popular Artists)
Carmen Cavallaro, Eddy Duchin and Frankie Carle for example,

has a selection of Music PERSONALITIES and Thousands of popular hits from the 30's through 1970. Look here for piano solos (midi and sheet music) in the style of..

If Rock and Roll from the 50's
and 60's is your taste,
you' find the sheet music at
our Soft Rock Cafe.

In the LOUNGE (Piano Solos by Jazz and Swing Artists)
Art Tatum for example.

You can hear some midi files in the style of Jazz Artists and / or combo arrangements from years gone by. Mostly Jazz Artists' Piano Solos (midi and sheet music)

Of course you should have a look at our


The sheet music of popular tunes for piano and vocal, with some "pop" piano solos. Listed in alphabetic order.
No drinks are served (yet), but you will find a selection of midi files typeset with FINALE notation software. The difference between this music and the type you find in the usual music store is it can be played!

NEW! (really olde tyme) our "EIGHT TO THE BAR" (midi and sheet music for boogie woogie piano listed by artist or composer)

Only soft drinks and hot dogs are served but the music is what you expect. Dug up a lot of historic soloists for this place.

If you really, really LUV! stride piano you must check out our RAGTIME piano room for more midi and sheet music listed by artist or composer. Or you might prefer trying some boogie woogie duets.

Four Hands - (One or two Pianos) Duets of Cole Porter Songs (midi and sheet music) or My Fair Lady piano duets, or you can try your hand(s) at boogie woogie duets.
And there are even more classical duets listed in our concert hall .

The STARLITE ROOM features arrangements of BIG BAND HITS.

Look Here For Big Band Charts (midi and sheet music)


presents many composers (midi and sheet music) from BACH to the present. Short piano pieces to very long symphonies all scored, ready to play on your sound card or real performance.

The EMERALD ROOM plays host to the house band. The LFO Orchestra, is conducted by Al Levy and available all the time.

Although we do not cater weddings or any other affairs
we do supply a generous amount of diverse musical styles,
mostly dance music and Hyper-elevator. (midi and sheet music)

We take pride in presenting George Gershwin specials in the


At long last
you can sample the sounds of Gershwin Songs played
the way George Gershwin meant them to be played. The performances were created by our host and the music is from the Gershwin Song Book. (midi and sheet music)

For other treats there is the

HOLIDAY LOUNGE where we feature songs played at Christmas, Easter and other holidays or Holy Days. Give it a shot. (midi and sheet music)

Give the CATERING DEPT. a shot to hear some Tarantellas, Polkas, Frailachs and other ETHNIC dances. We hope this music sounds very much like a typical club date. (midi and sheet music)

And of course for the Broadway Enthusiasts we have the
LFO THEATER (midi and sheet music)

Hear songs from Broadway shows all ready to be played by your midi sequencer + some piano duets.

To Check Out AL'S LFO POPS ORCHESTRA CD click here.

The Wood Shed for jamming with backgrounds. Complete midis

Please send all comments to our email address: Al Levy Musician at large.

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