Cole Porter Songs - Piano Duets

Four Hands - One or Two Pianos

The midi snips are samples of the full arrangements. Each original runs about 150 measures. The files on the web are about 32 measures long and are on one track. The originals play in stereo.

I just recorded these. The CD is available with or without the sheet music.

Most of the Mp3 files are full length.

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When you select a midi you will also see one page of the music.

Why midi and mp3 files? Midi files contain information, not sound. This information is sent to your sound card or synth. What you hear is the result of your hardware, not neccesarily what I hear.
I have recorded many, not all of my midi files, using my synths. The mp3 files allow you to hear what I intended not what your hardware defines.
Mp3 files are compressed sound files, not quite as good as original .wav files. If you order the cd - you will get the best sound as I intended it to be.

midi Allez-Vous En'

mp3 Allez-Vous En' my synths

midi Do I Love You, Do I?

mp3 Do I Love You, Do I?
my synths

midi From This Moment On

mp3 From This Moment On
my synths

midi I Love Paris

mp3 I Love Paris
my synths

midi I Love You

mp3 I Love You
my synths

midi In The Still Of The Night

mp3 In The Still Of The Night
my synths

midi Rosalie

mp3 Rosalie
my synths

midi So In Love

mp3 So In Love
my synths

midi Why Can't You Behave?

mp3 Why Can't You Behave?
my synths

midi Wunderbar

mp3 Wunderbar
my synths

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