Tommy Dorsey

These are ONLY SAMPLES. Many of the Midi features have been stripped out. Each of the songs run about 100 to 150 measures. The samples have about a chorus (32 measures) All the scores are available plus the written parts, midi files, mp3s, recorded on cd or tape.

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Anything can be ordered by email:Al Levy

midi Dance Medley No. 3 Never Recorded

Created by Sy Oliver in 1948 - This one was never published. (Lovely To Look At, Sweet and Lovely, Just The Way You Look Tonight). 5th (optional trumpet is Charlie Shavers part). All five saxes double clarinet. Three bones + Tommy's solo. I added a guitar part which is not in the original score.

midi I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

midi Opus No. 1 {Sy Oliver}

midi Sunny Side Of The Street{Sy Oliver}

midi Sunny Side Of The Street{Transposed to A flat fo vocalist}

mp3 Sunny Side Of The Street{Sy Oliver} Dorsey Recording

midi Swanee River {Sy Oliver}

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